MLMPF Internal Regulations

MLMPF Mediation Committee Rotation Rules

Article 1
For the successful operation of the foundation’s mediation committee (hereinafter referred to as the committee), the foundation specially set the rotation rules.

Article 2
Significant dispute is defined as any mediation case that qualifies for one of the following:
For the same reason of event, caused more than 1 hundred MLM participants to request mediation.
For the same reason of event, the requested dispute amount greater or equal to NTD $5 million dollars.
It is considered general dispute if mediation case does not qualify as any of the preceding significant dispute.

Article 3
The committee’s general dispute method of grouping committee members are as follows:
The committee member divided into presiding committee member and non-presiding committee member.
Each mediation case shall comprise of one presiding committee member and 2 non-presiding committee members.

Article 4
The committee’s significant dispute handling method shall comprise of 5 mediation committee members’ cooperation: chairperson, 2 presiding committee members, and 2 non-presiding committee members; For special circumstances mediation case, mediation committee shall be requested.
Another presiding committee member shall be selected when chairperson cannot continue to preside.

Article 5
Mediation case that indicated rejected mediation by the counterparty at the first mediate date shall not be considered as a case for the rotation group. The original group of rotation shall continue mediation of new mediation case.

Article 6
Member of the first standby rotation group had conflict of interest on the mediation case; the original standby rotation group shall exchange rotation order with the second standby rotation group.

Article 7
For any legitimate reason the presiding committee member cannot perform the rotation for the new mediation case or cannot convene the first mediation meeting within the set period, the original standby rotation group shall exchange rotation order with the second standby rotation group.
For any legitimate reason, both of the non-presiding committee members perform the rotation or cannot attend the first mediation meeting within the set period; shall follow the procedure in the preceding paragraph.

Article 8
For any legitimate reason, the non-presiding committee member requested a leave of absence; the attendance of the mediation committee member to the mediation shall not be less than 2.

Article 9
The committee shall review and recommend amendments for committee rotation rules.

Article 10
The committee rotation rules shall be enacted after the approval from the board of director; modification shall follow the same procedure.