MLMPF Internal Regulations

MLMPF Mediation Committee Rules of Selection and Operation

Multi-Level Marketing Protection Foundation Mediation Committee Rules of Selection and Operation.

Chapter1 General Provisions

Article 1
For the successful operation of Multi-Level Marketing Protection Foundation’s (hereinafter referred to as the foundation) mediation committee, the rules are established in accordance to article 21 of the Charter of Endowment.

Article 2
Mediation committee member shall possess one of the following qualifications:
1.Served more than 3 years in industry authority under department of multi-level marketing.
2.Served more than 3 years as professional manager for MLM enterprise.
3.Served more than 3 years as a judge, prosecutor, or lawyer.
4.Served more than 3 years as mediator or arbitrator.
5.Served more than 3 years as a professor in Ministry of Education recognized institutions teaching law, marketing, or multi-level marketing related fields.
6.Reputable personnel with in depth research in MLM industry that published MLM books or articles.

Article 3
The foundation shall appoint mediation committee members which comprises 11 to 21 members with article 2’s qualifications.
The foundation’s selection of all mediation committee members shall enclose relevant academic and experiences; the appointment shall acquire the prior approval of board of director and industry authority.

Article 4
Each mediation committee member shall serve a 3-year term and may be reselected upon reappointment.>
The term for selected mediation committee member due to vacancy shall expire with the original term.

Article 5
The term for mediation committee member shall not be dismissed prior to expiry of the term; unless for the following circumstances:
1.Subject to any public official dismissed or disposed.
2.Subject to any lawyers punished by lawyers’ law.
3.Disability which caused inability to perform duties.
4.After notice of attendance to mediation, total absences reach more than half during the year.
5.Leaked secrets to non-lawfully order conducted inquiries.
6.Breach of duty in regards of mediation matters; accepted bribery or improper benefits.
7.Other specific evidence sufficient to affect or damage the reputation of the foundation.
The preceding article decisions made by the mediation committee shall require the attendance of a quorum of over 1/2 the members as well as a majority vote of the attending members; also, submit to industry authority for approval.

Article 6
After MLM enterprise or participants’ application for mediation, unless article 8 in Rules of Operation occurred or counterparty refused mediation, the mediation committee shall set a time and place for mediation.

Article 7
For general dispute, the foundation shall designate personnel to look into the disputes and assign 3 mediation committee members to mediate. Major dispute will require 1/3 or 5 mediation committee member to mediate.
For general dispute, the assigned mediation committee members shall elect one among themselves to preside over the mediation process. For major dispute, the committee chairman shall preside over the mediation process.
A dispute is settled when both parties to the dispute reach an agreement.
Party with written declaration indicated rejected mediation on record, the dispute is considered unsettled.
Any one of the parties to the dispute fails to attend mediation meetings held by mediation committee members in 2 consecutive times, or no settlement has been concluded after 3 mediation meetings are held, the dispute is considered unsettled.
Mediation cases shall be recorded as mediation meeting minutes; mediation meeting minutes shall include settled, unsettled, mediation updates, date changes, party presence, and other affiliated items.

Article 8
Mediation committee shall establish a mediation committee member rule of rotation, enacted after the approval from board of director; modification shall follow the same procedure.

Article 9
The chairperson of the committee member shall convene and preside over committee meetings. In case the chairperson is unable to convene or preside over a meeting, the committee meeting attendees shall recommend a member to convene and preside over the meeting.
Decisions made by the mediation committee shall require the attendance of a quorum of over 1/2 the members as well as a majority vote of the attending members.

Article 10
The rules have been passed by board of directors, enacted after the declaration to industry authority for approval; modification shall follow the same procedure.