Establishment Purpose

Basis and objective

Multi-Level Marketing Protection Foundation is established in accordance of article 38 in Multi-Level Marketing Supervision Act’s protection foundation. Main objective is to mediate the civil disputes between filed records of MLM enterprises and participants, safeguarding the interests of MLM participants.
The foundation was approved by Fair Trade Commission on September 12th, 2014, Also, it is established registration in Taiwan Taipei district court on September 29th, 2014.

Establishment of Mission

The foundation’s content of operation is to protect and defend MLM participants、creating a prosperous MLM market as a starting point, establish the following mission:
1. Civil dispute mediation between multi-level marketing enterprise (hereinafter referred to as MLM enterprise) and MLM participant.
2. In accordance of article 30 in the regulation, support MLM participant with lawsuit filing assistant.
3. Compensatory and Recovery of MLM participant’s civil dispute compensation caused by MLM enterprise.
4. Management and usage of protection fund、annual fee、and other yields contributed by MLM enterprise and participant.
5. Promote MLM professional knowledge of law and regulation to MLM enterprise and participant.
6. Assist in conducting education and training activities 7. Provide MLM related law consulting services.