Supervisor: Chang Hsun-Chia

Current Occupation: Lawyer of Li-Yan Law Office Arbitrator of Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei Chairperson of Business Law in Taiwan Bar Association.

Expectations and encouragements of the foundation:
Look forward to everyone to strive together, step by step, achieving the goal and mission of Multi-Level Marketing Protection Foundation.

Supervisor: Hsu Shun-Fa

Current Occupation: Executive Director of Certified Public Accountant, Republic of China Accountant of Pan-China (TW) CPAs.

Expectations and encouragements of the foundation:
Looking forward to the foundation’s operation to allow a healthy Multi-Level Marketing industry; also, attract more MLM activists.
List of Mediation Committee Members
Chairperson: Lin Tian-Cai
Committee Member: Wang Tu-Tsun、Lin Chung-Hung、Chen Te-Fa、Chen Jung-Chuan、Hsu Po-Sen、Huang Shuo-Sheng、Chang Keng-Ming、Chao I-Lung、Tsai Cheng-Ting、Liu Shu-Chung、Chien Wei-Neng.

Chairperson: Lin Tian-Cai
- Current Occupation: President of Legal Aid Foundation at Kinmen and Matsu Branch.
- Supervisor of Ministry of Justice Association for Victims Support.
- Mediation Committee Member of Taiwan High Court and Taipei District Court.
- Arbitrator of Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei.
- Management Committee Member of Real Estate Marketing Agency Association of the R.O.C. Lawyer of Chuang, Lin & Wu International Law Firm.

Committee Member: Wang Tu-Tsun
Current Occupation: Professor and Dean of Ming Chuan University Department of Law

Committee Member: Lin Chung-Hung
Current Occupation: Lawyer of Yung Ta Law Firm

Committee Member: Chen Te-Fa
Current Occupation: Professor of Kainan University Department of Marketing

Committee Member: Chen Jung-Chuan
Current Occupation: Tenure (Life-Time Distinguished Professor) of National Taipei University

Committee Member: Hsu Po-Sen
Current Occupation: Partner Lawyer of Chang-He Committee Member: Law Firm

Committee Member: Huang Shuo-Sheng
Current Occupation: Partner Lawyer of Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law

Committee Member: Chang Keng-Ming
Current Occupation: Arbitrator of Beijing、Suzhou Arbitration Commision

Committee Member: Chao I-Lung
Current Occupation: Professor of National Taiwan University College of Management

Committee Member: Tsai Cheng-Ting
Current Occupation: Lawyer of Jui-Chun Law Firm

Committee Member: Liu Shu-Chung
Current Occupation: Leading Consultant of San-He Management Group

Committee Member: Chien Wei-Neng
Current Occupation: Lawyer of Pan Taiwan Law Office